LPO Solutions provides full supply chain services for pharmacies, para-pharmacies and specialised stores.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service that delivers quality products in the shortest time possible (72 hours) with a limited litigation rate in order to preserve the Pharmaceutical – Customer relationship.

LPO Solutions offers laboratory firms a complete service from automated order recovery, storage, preparation and shipping of packages, delivery to specialist outlets, invoicing, and payment tracking through fully-automated execution of operations.

Our business involves three complementary skills :

LPO Solutions is supported by a structure with more than 20 years’ experience that focuses on reliability, traceability and adaptability to your needs.
  • Warehouse: 6000m ², 9 docks, high security storage
  • Packing: Packaging, preparation, wrapping of your custom orders
  • Bonded warehouse: Import and export, Corsica and DROM-COM (overseas French regions, departments and communities)
  • Organisation and monitoring: Transportation, specifications management

IT processing
The IT tool allows fully-automated execution of operations from customer order recovery to invoice settlement:
  • Editing: Orders, delivery notes, invoices in accordance with shipments
  • Management: Deliveries (appointments, schedules) and backorders
  • Payment tracking
  • Reporting: Sales reports, stock status

Related services
  • IT consulting, hard- and software supply, deployment, EDI development and management
  • Consulting: Logistical structure audit, needs analysis, optimisation
  • Customised processing: Batch preparation, manufacturing, operational marketing